Nano Credit

Access to loans for the poor or unbanked due to an emergency is impossible in most developing countries due to lack of identification or any credibility.
Whether it is for healthcare, delay in salaries, school fees, business or to buy a product the present banking system can not cater to this section of the population.


The advantage of the nano credit system is:
  • Creates a mutually beneficial Partnership between Bank & Telecom Operator
  • Provide a fool proof identity for subscriber through use of biometrics
  • Create a precise subscriber analysis based on online and offline sources
  • Builds a comprehensive credit risk portfolio for subscribers
  • Lends eligible subscribers through banks and covers repayment risks
  • Utilization of Telco’s Mobile Money for transactions thus reducing inactive accounts
  • Increase in number of subscribers, utilization of Mobile Money & overall ARPU
  • Direct unbanked subscribers to be financially included into mainstream banking
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