Solar & Phone Pay As you Go:


Under-privileged Telecom & Bank customers will be able to access solar devices for their energy needs and upgrade their phones on a rent to own model without any worries to procure them on a one time. We propose to:
  • Provide Solar Home Systems & Phones to Subscribers with minimal deposit based on subscriber info analysis & KYC
  • Repay through Airtime/data purchase AND/OR Mobile Money/Wallet/Banking
  • Option to sell their SHS/phone within a period even before completion of scheme
  • Members will earn behavioural points, which will enhance their credit rating and qualify for other schemes.
  • Discounted air time/data provision to all subscribers if payments made through Airtime purchase.
  • Various repayments options will be arrived at based on various parameters, like subscriber infographics, airtime/data/MM usage, deposits, buying pattern, etc.
  • Term of the repayment from 6-36 months based on product/scheme.
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